16 January 2007

300 years

That's how old the UK is today. 300 years to the day when England and Scotland agreed to join unite. Not that you'd know it, there are no celebrations organised for the people to celebrate the birthday of their country.

The proud patriotic people with no celebrations to enjoy for 'their' country.

No surprises really, seeing the type of society we have in the UK. It's a pretty shitty place to live. I don't want to sound too negative, the UK does have some plus points. But in lots of ways the UK is not a pleasant place to be. Poor social structure, abusive kids with no manners, no respect, a me me me society, not a thought for others, selfishness and a society of alcohol abusers. Seriously, walk down any high street on a Friday or Saturday night and the place is covered with inebriated tossers. Then you add in the intolerance to immigrants, the lack of care for the elderly, a health system that is bankrupt, and a government that doesn't give a toss. I could go on but it would get pretty depressing.

Anything that made the UK a Great country has long gone.

Happy birthday, UK.

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