14 May 2010

Magistrate in Trouble for Calling Scum, Scum

A magistrate has got himself into a bit of bother after branding a couple of hooligans as 'absolute scum' after they tore pages out of prayer books and wrote offensive messages about Jews and sexual comments about the Vicar in Blackburn Cathedral.

Sentencing the pair, the Magistrate labelled them "Absolute scum". The Clerk of the court stood up and said that such language was unacceptable in the Youth Court (Note, she didn't say that the words were inaccurate, just inappropriate).

The Mother of one of the youths said she "would be making an official complaint". Perhaps she should worry more about the loutish behaviour of her son, rather than the Magistrate calling a spade a spade.

The two hooligans were caught after signing the visitors book. Which sounds about the intelligence level I'd expect from such yobs who would commit acts like these.

13 May 2010

Sin Within

I've always enjoyed listening to Michael Voris, he has a simple knack of getting the message across in language that means something to an ordinary guy like me. He delivers some fine points which you can follow through a website, realcatholictv, and he also does the TV program the One True Faith, which you can find information about at the St Michael's Media website. One of the latest editions of a short program he fronts on realcatholictv, called the Vortex, has a powerful message that all Catholics should pay attention to. It's only a few minutes long, take the time to watch:

10 May 2010

Text the Pope

It's now possible to send the Pope a text message, thanks to Italian TV programme "A Sua Immagine", who are running this initiative linked in with a demonstration of support for the Pope which is happening in St Peter's Square this coming Sunday, May 16th.

The service offers a unique opportunity for Catholics to show their support for the Pope; all messages will be collated together and presented to the Holy Father before the end of May.

If you want to send the Pope a message of support, the number to text is (00) +39 335 1863091.