25 October 2008

End of British Summertime

Clocks go back one hour tonight, marking the end of British Summertime. Enjoy your extra hour in bed.

04 October 2008

Non Abbiate Paura

I found this video clip searching through YouTube this week, for the clips I have recently posted. This is a clip from 22nd October, 1978, John Paul II. Don't Be Afraid... Let Christ Speak to the Man.

03 October 2008

La Livella

Toto is one of the greatest comedic actors in all Italian cinema history. This clip, though, is not one of his comedy classics. Here, Toto talks about "La Livella". In death, we are all equal.

02 October 2008

La Smorfia - San Gennaro

Another favourite of mine from La Smorfia. I know people who talk like this to San Gennaro, as with most comedy clips this is even funnier because it is so true!

01 October 2008


After two clips featuring Massimo Troisi from the film "Non Ci Resta Che Piangere" here is one of the most famous comedy clips of all, from his time with the group "La Smorfia". Here is their take on the Annunciation: