31 May 2008

A Real Star

I've mentioned the program Britain's Got Talent before. There was the amazing performance by Andrew Johnston in the regional shows. Well, there's another star in the show, and wow, this girl is absolute class. She is just 12 years old! Yet the voice on her is fantastic. Singing Ave Maria, which is always a favourite of mine. I was surprised she didn't win, she didn't even make the top three. Scroll through to about 1 minute 45 in to hear her sing.

27 May 2008

The Cost of Fuel

The price of fuel continues to rise. There were protests by truckers today, they were requesting a rebate of 25p per litre of fuel. If their demands are not met, they threaten to blockade the refineries. I remember the chaos the last time the refineries were blockaded.

In truth, whilst the cost of fuel is outrageously high, we are too dependent on a finite resource. We should be preparing for life without oil, instead of bickering over the price of the little that is left. Once it's gone, it's gone.

26 May 2008

They Are Wrong

During the 19th century, slavers said black people weren't human. They were wrong. During the 20th century, the Nazis said Jews weren't human. They were wrong. Since 1967, the House of Commons has said the unborn are not human. They, too, are wrong.

From a statement made by Bishop O'Donoghue, on the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill, taken from the Saint Mary Magdalen Blog. Click here to read the full statement

09 May 2008

What we mean by abortion

From Priests for Life, two videos that demonstrate how an abortion is performed. Under a campaign called "Is this what you mean?" Priests for Life set out to demonstrate exactly what abortion is. It's not pleasant, but for many the term abortion hides the reality, for most people abortion seems to mean someone who was pregnant no longer is. The mechanics of it all seem to be unimportant. If you are going to defend abortion you need to know what it is you are defending.

Suction Abortion

Dismemberment Abortion

Priests for Life